Greenhills School
Parent/Student Handbook  
2017 – 2018 
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Office phone -  916.791.4230
Attendance line - 916.791.6030
Office hours 7:30am-4:00pm  
STAR Daycare -  916.791.8448
8200 Greenhills Way  Granite Bay, CA   95746
TK and Kindergarten 8:30 until 1:45pm
First through Third   8:30 until 2:55pm

*****  All 1st- 3rd grade students get out at 1:45pm on Mondays throughout the school year *****
Greenhills is a community that works together to foster a sense of belonging. We are committed to every child’s emotional and academic success. We believe family and community involvement is integral to our students’ growth and achievement. Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to ongoing professional learning. Our traditions strengthen long-lasting relationships. We take pride in nurturing the spirit and joy of childhood.

Dear Families:

As a valuable member of our educational team, we honor your support and dedicated energy as we work together to make each and every school day a success for your child.

We encourage close communication with your child’s teacher, as well as encouraging you to contact the staff or administration for any questions you may have.  Your understanding and involvement is the hallmark of our success here at Greenhills.

This Parent Handbook will outline the policies and procedures we use to make our school great.  You should take time to review the contents with your child so that we can all be familiar with the direction we are taking.

At any time I am available to meet with parents and students to discuss the information contained in this handbook, or any other issue that may arise.

Kim Gerould, Principal

Absences / AttendanceTop of Page

When your child is absent from school, state law requires verification of absence. Please call our attendance line, 916.791.6030. If you call the attendance line, it is not necessary to send a note upon your child's return.

If you have advanced notice of an unavoidable absence of 5 or more days, you should request an Independent Study packet from your child's teacher NO LESS THAN FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR to the initiation of the first day of the agreement. 

Since learning is directly related to the amount of instructional time given to a student, regular and prompt attendance is vitally important to a successful school experience. We ask that you minimize disruptions to the school day by scheduling doctor or dental appointments after school whenever possible.

We encourage perfect attendance except in cases of illness.  Each Trimester we provide certificates for students who achieve Perfect Attendance.

Students with a pattern of tardy arrival or excessive absences will receive a letter which outlines the seriousness of the situation as well as explaining what next steps could result if the pattern continues.  Habitual truancy, while very rare, does result in legal proceedings.

Arrival and DismissalTop of Page

  • For safety and supervision purposes, students must not arrive at school earlier than 8:15 to begin school at 8:30am.
  • Students arriving late should go directly to the school office.
  • During the school day students may not leave the playground without permission.
  • All students should go directly home following the close of the school day.
  • Prompt pick-up at the end of the school day is appreciated by both students and staff
Bad Air Days
On days when the air quality is predicted to be in the unhealthy range, our office uses a website ( to track current conditions. At such time as an unhealthy level is reached, students are kept indoors for the remainder of the day.

Contacting a TeacherTop of Page

Teachers welcome your notes and calls. Please don't hesitate to call if you have a question or concern. Conferences can be easily arranged. Teachers are available to accept phone calls from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. and immediately after school. The office will take messages any time and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical.

You may also e-mail your child's teacher at school using the teacher's first initial and last name followed by (For example, to e-mail Mr. Norm Smith you would use the following address:

CommunicationTop of Page

Our school routinely sends information about the school operations home with students. The bulletins contain facts about the educational program, dates of school activities, and other important items. Look for a Wednesday Folder to come home with your child every week.

Daycare - STARTop of Page

Before and after school daycare is available onsite through the STAR program, which operates in collaboration with the Eureka Union School District. For more information including space availability and rates call 916.791.8448

Dress CodeTop of Page

Parents and students are encouraged to use good judgment when selecting clothes for school.
  • Shorts of a modest length are permitted.
  • Shirts with offensive slogans are not to be worn to school.
  • Shoes must have back straps. Thongs, clogs, or sandals without back straps are inappropriate for daily P.E. activities and should not be worn to school.

Drop off & Pick UpTop of Page

All student drop off and pick up is to be in the parking lot in front of the office. This area has been specifically designed for this purpose. It is also supervised both before and after school. Use the entrance from Greenhills Way to enter our parking lot and leave the school at the Seeno exit.

Please do not use cell phones in the parking lot.

The yellow lane closest to the curb is for loading and unloading only - just long enough to drop off or pick up. Parking in this area is not allowed.

The other lane is designed for flowing traffic. Do not stop to pick up children in this lane. Not only would this block traffic, it puts children in danger.

Park only in designated spaces, on the street, or in the parking lot.

For everyone's safety please drive slowly and exercise extreme caution!

Emergency CardsTop of Page

Please be sure that Emergency Cards in the office are kept current with address, phone number and Emergency Contacts. In the event your child becomes ill or is injured at school, we must have a phone number where we can reach you or a designated substitute.

Field TripsTop of Page

Each grade level has special field trips that they take throughout the year. These trips provide on site experiences that enhance and reinforce the classroom curriculum. Students are responsible for bringing permission slips to school when field trips are planned. Please be prompt in returning your child's field trip permission slip.

Forgotten ItemsTop of Page

Please bring forgotten lunches, homework, etc. to the office to minimize classroom disruptions. Clearly mark items with both student and teacher's name. Instruct your child to check in the office for any forgotten items.

Lunch ProgramTop of Page

Hot lunch count is taken first thing in the day. If a student forgets their lunch, or lunch money, you will be responsible for the fee for a hot lunch.

A Free and Reduced Lunch Program is available for all families that qualify. Applications are available in the school’s or school district’s office.

Health ServicesTop of Page

A school Nurse is at Greenhills School one day per week. Throughout the year we screen children for vision, hearing and dental problems and assist with health units in the classroom. We will be glad to provide information and assistance for any health problems your family may have.  Greenhills also has an on-staff Health Assistant in the office 5 days a week.

Children who appear to have a problem in the initial testing in any of the health screenings are retested to assure that the test results are accurate. If the nurse feels the child should be seen by a doctor, vision specialist or dentist, a referral slip will be sent home and/or phone calls made to discuss the problem. If your child is referred and you need help in obtaining care, the nurse will be glad to assist.

Students that are injured should bring a note signed by the doctor stating whether or not the student should participate in regular activities.  Students who have a medical reason for missing PE, will also be required to not participate in recess play.  Any student with assistive devices: (canes, crutches, etc.) will be required to have a doctor’s note.

Homework PolicyTop of Page

Practice of newly learned skills is extremely important. Regular homework is a means of extending necessary practice time and cementing new learning into a solid foundation on which future lessons can be built. Nightly homework of 30 min. per night (M-Th) will be required of all students beginning in first grade.

(This time may fluctuate during the school year depending on assignments and your child's work habits. If your child consistently has no homework, or the homework takes more time than indicated, please contact the teacher.)

Research has shown that students who read a minimum of 20 minutes daily significantly improve their vocabulary and fluency. It is expected that, beyond homework, you will set aside at least this much time on a daily basis for your child to read and be read to.

Lost and FoundTop of Page

Each year we collect an enormous amount of items left behind by students. Please label everything clearly and permanently with student's first and last name (no initials please). Items unclaimed by December and at the end of the school year will be donated to a local charity.

Medication Taken at SchoolTop of Page

By state law, no child is allowed to be given any medication, over-the-counter or prescription, by the school without a form signed by the doctor and parent. Without this authorization, you must come to school and administer the medication yourself. Forms are available in the school office for your convenience. Please do not send medication of any kind (even cough drops) with your child in his/her lunch, etc. This law is to protect all students and your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school nurse who is at Greenhills School on Wednesday or our Health Assistant who is on site daily.

Messages for StudentsTop of Page

Please make arrangements at home regarding where your child needs to go after school.  If the normal routine needs to be changed, please send a note to the teacher rather than calling the office to minimize disruption in the class.

Opportunites for Parent InvolvementTop of Page

Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their child's education.

The following is a partial list of ways parents can become involved..
  • Classroom Volunteer - Assist teachers in a wide variety of duties.
  • Room Parent - Assist teachers with special arrangements for activities.
  • Parent Teacher Club - Support Greenhills in a variety of ways, while meeting other parents and having fun! Our Greenhills PTC does a tremendous amount of good for our whole school.
  • Art. Music or Science Docent - Teach monthly lessons to your child's class.
  • Computer or Library Helper - Assist your child's class during their weekly visit.
  • Site Council Members - Serve on the School Improvement Program Committee which reviews curriculum and school programs.
  • Office Helpers - Provide extra office assistance. (Contact the school office to volunteer.)
  • At Home Support - One of the most important ways to support your child and become involved is to provide follow-up at home. Review lessons with students, assure homework is complete, cooperate and communicate with the school, read together, provide proper rest and nutrition, play games and participate in activities that foster learning.

Report of Pupil ProgressTop of Page

Home/School communication is extremely important, particularly in regard to student performance. We believe that the teacher and parent share a joint responsibility for this communication.  We will keep you informed throughout the school year by phone, note or in person. We encourage you to check with teachers any time you have a question regarding your child's progress.

Formal reporting procedures include:
  • Back to School Night is held early in the year, at which time the teacher explains the school program and answers any questions from parents.
  • At the end of the first twelve weeks, a parent-teacher conference will be scheduled and a report card will be issued.
  • At the end of the second and third trimesters, a report card will be sent home, and a conference may be held if needed or desired.

Student RecognitionTop of Page

Cub's Club
Cub's Club is a school-wide student recognition program. Every other week teachers select a student from their classes who are good models of the theme selected (friendship, eager reader, academic improvement, etc.) On Wednesday, students' names are announced over the intercom. They are presented with a Cub's Club button and certificate, and get to eat at the V.I.P. table for lunch. Each student will be chosen once during the school year.

Caught Being Responsible
Students in grades 1-3 are given C.A.R.E.S. slips (Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self Control) for exemplary behavior such as helping out, picking up playground balls, paying attention at assemblies, etc. Students sign these with their names and keep them in the classrooms. Once a month PTC holds a student store or special event for students to redeem their C.A.R.E.S. slips.

Student of the Week
Student of the Week gives each child a special week to shine.

As a Grade 1 – 3 Student of the Week your child will be acknowledged in the classroom, and also have a special pizza lunch with Mr. Towne on Friday.

As a TK or Kindergarten Student of the Week, your child will have Cookies and Milk with Mr. Towne on Wednesday.  This program lets every child know that he/she is extra special at our school.

Support ProgramsTop of Page

Speech / Language Programs
A Speech and Language Specialist serves students who have difficulties in articulation, fluency, voice, stuttering or hearing. Concerned parents or staff members may refer a child to the speech therapist for evaluation.  Program participation is determined by parents and staff.

Special Education Program (aka Mickey's Club)
A child achieving below his/her potential because of a specific learning disability may be served by one or two programs. If the child can be successful in the regular program with some support, she/he may be placed in the Resource Specialist program (Mickey's Club). If the child cannot be served within the regular classroom, he/she is referred for consideration of placement in a self-contained Special Day Class. Parents are involved in all phases of referral, assessment, and placement.

Reading Lab (aka Snoopy's Club)
The Reading Lab is designed to help children who are having difficulty in reading. Reading Lab instruction is in addition to the reading time provided in the regular classroom. The Lab provides a personalized environment that involves the student in an ongoing instruction that is based on diagnosis, prescription and evaluation.

Release During Class HoursTop of Page

For the protection of your children, your cooperation in these procedures will be appreciated:
  • Any adult calling for a child must come to the school office. The child will be summoned to the office for pick up. The person taking the child is to give his/her name, the relationship to the child, and the reason for taking the child from school. Identification must be shown.
  • A child will not be released to anyone other than a parent or guardian unless we have a signed note granting permission.

Telephone UsageTop of Page

Students' use of the telephone is limited. The office staff will make calls home for students when necessary and appropriate.  All after school play arrangements must be made before coming to school and be accompanied by a written note.

Tobacco - Free PolicyTop of Page

The use of tobacco or tobacco products is not allowed at any time, in any building, on the property of, or at any program or event at Greenhills.  This is Health Code, School Board Policy and our Administration Regulation. 

TransportationTop of Page

Bus Passes
Bus passes may be purchased from the Transportation Dept. (916-791-0553). All students must have a bus pass to ride the bus to and from school. Unless the child has a note from a parent, he or she may only ride to/from assigned bus stops. If your child is going home with a friend, or to a different location, you must send a written note to the teacher.

Bicycle Riders
Bicycles may be ridden to school, and locked in the racks provided.  Helmets must be worn by riders. Parents are asked to review bicycle safety with their children.

Students who walk to school must arrive at school no more than 10 minutes before their starting time. Students must observe traffic rules and remember to stay on the side of the road.  Students must walk directly home when leaving school and check in before playing or leaving for a friend's house. Parents are asked to review traffic rules with their children.

Visiting SchoolTop of Page

Parents are always welcome at school. We encourage you to visit your child's classroom. All classroom visits should be coordinated with the teacher beforehand.
  1. For the security of all, you must sign in at the office and obtain a visitor's badge.
  2. If one wishes to visit and observe a certain subject area, determine in advance the time of day the subject is taught. Time your visit to coincide with the beginning of the lesson.  It is our intent that regular classroom procedures not be interrupted.
  3. Plan to talk with the teacher when he/she is free of personal responsibility to children; this is at a break or at the end of the day. Do not confer with teachers during class time.
  4. Younger children should not be brought along with parents on visits.

Code of Behavior (to be reviewd with your child / children)Top of Page

Students will be treated with dignity and respect.
The school environment will be positive and pleasing to students.
Greenhills School will provide an atmosphere where each student can develop the basic academic and emotional skills necessary for independence in an ever-changing society, and develop self-discipline and a positive self-image with an appreciation for the value of learning.

The following rules summarize our expectations:  

  1. Students will stay in supervised areas at all times:  Children will be in the classroom only when the teacher or aide is present.  Playing in the restrooms is not allowed.
  2. Students will be safe:  walk in the hallways, get drinks in a safe manner, avoid crowding or pushing.
  3. Students will use playground equipment safely: No pushing students off equipment, no jumping off the equipment. Use slides correctly by going down feet first,  etc.
  4. Ball and game activities will occur away from the restrooms.
  5. Running games are to be held in open areas of the blacktop or to the grass. Bark boxes are reserved for playing on equipment.
  6. Students' play will be respectful. Kicking, hitting or taking away another student's ball is unacceptable behavior.  Taking turns, sharing and including others in a game are great ways to make friends and have a good time on the playground.
  7. Students' personal items (e.g. toys, cell phones, etc) should remain at home to avoid damage or loss (unless specific permission is given).
  8. Students must pay for damaged or lost property (both school and personal).
  9. Bad language and name calling are not acceptable.
  10. Students wear appropriate clothing to school: Shorts of a modest length are permitted.  Shirts with offensive slogans are not to be worn to school. Shoes must have back straps. Thongs, clogs, or sandals without back straps are inappropriate for daily P.E. activities and should not be worn to school.  No Heely’s or rollers are allowed in shoes.
  11. Fights, willful destruction of property, disrespect toward school personnel and truancy will not be tolerated. These problems will be referred directly to the principal.
  12. Students will use good manners, showing caring, empathy, respect, self-control, and responsibility at all times and to all people.
There are intrinsic, classroom, and school-wide rewards for good behavior throughout the year. Failure to follow school rules may result in time outs, pink slips, and office referrals. Your follow through and support of school discipline is appreciated. Adherence to rules will enable all students and staff to enjoy a safe and happy school year.
School-wide Consequences for Misbehavior
Any fighting, causing of injury to another, blatant disrespect, or other serious misbehavior should be immediately referred to the principal.

Pink Slips – Given for misbehavior outside of the classroom.  These slips are to be taken home and signed by a parent, and returned the following day.  Infractions are listed on the slips, and a category entitled “other” allows broad use.  Pink slips should not be given lightly, rather when you know the child is deliberately choosing to disobey a known rule or made a repeated poor choice

Traditional consequences for pink slips:
1st – Child loses one recess.
2nd – Child loses two recesses and writes a note to parents.
3rd – Child misses recess for one day and teacher calls home.
4th – Child is sent to the Principal.

**Please note that campus use after school is limited to individuals contracted for use of the facility such as STAR and scouts. For the safety of these groups, as well as others on campus, we ask that rollerblades, skateboards etc. not be ridden on campus when others are present

ResourcesTop of Page