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What happens after 1:05 on Wednesdays?

What happens after 1:05 on Wednesdays?

Each Wednesday afternoon, all teachers attend grade level meetings to discuss curriculum, instructional strategies, and student achievement.

These meetings are often referred to as P.L.C.s which is an acronym for Professional Learning Communities.  Essentially P.L.C.s are defined as teachers meeting to ensure and promote student academic achievement.  You can learn more about PLC’s at:

During Wednesday Planning time, teachers have specific meeting protocols, address items on an agenda, and use that time to improve the grade level program.

For example, at the last PLC for our Third Grade, the teachers were examining the latest test data to see which students needed additional time and support to master the concepts, and which students could be pushed on to more challenging material.  Discussion centered around grade level grouping of students and making sure each child was in the group that would be most beneficial to them.  The teachers shared and discussed what content would be covered with each group, what materials would be used, and specific students needs that should be addressed.  The same types of discussions are held across the campus at each grade level- but specific to the grade level’s needs.

The Wednesday planning in a Professional Learning Community is valuable for teachers to meet as a whole grade level as it promotes quality academic discussion to support student achievement.  It is different from Staff Meeting times in that the grade can concentrate on their specific needs to better address their grade level students.

As the Principal, I attend each grade levels’ meeting every Wednesday and add information, give direction, and answer questions that arise.  I watch to see that the progress and development of the District’s Curriculum and Instruction Committees’ works are incorporated into each grade’s instruction.  I work through problem solving sessions and guide the use of data in discussions.  I am especially proud of our teachers and the high level of professional discussion that happens at these meetings.  On a weekly basis I am reminded what dedicated professionals they are and how hard they work for our students.
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